US seeks domestic 5G network developer outside China

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US seeks domestic 5G network developer outside China

US President Donald Trump had been on the search for a next-gen 5G equipment manufacturer outside China, whose 5G cellular equipment would be used in the domestic 5G development, a Wall Street Journal report published on Sunday, the 23rd of June 2019, had revealed.

Apart from that, according to the Wall Street Journal’s Sunday’s (June 23rd) report, United States’ officials had been asking US-based telecom equipment makers whether they could develop 5G hardware such as cellular tower electronics, routers, switches and software without help of any China-based company.

In fact, Trump administrations had heightened the pressure earlier last month, while US President Donald Trump had imposed sanction on the world’s No. 1 telecom gear provider Huawei Technologies to prevent it from purchasing supplies from US suppliers, widely contemplated as a US leverage against China in its brutal eleven-month-long tariff spat.

Aside from that, United States officials had also been engaged in a rattling battle against Huawei all over the world, while it had been strongly lobbying to its European allies to forge restriction on the Chinese telecom equipment maker over national security ground.

Nonetheless, according to the Wall Street Journal’s report, the talks had still been in an informal state and it would take even years to adopt a decision over 5G network development without seeking aid from any Chinese company, but analysts had already cautioned that preventing China and Huawei from building Europe’s and United States’ 5G network would cost much higher and take as little as a couple of years more.