FedEx again misdirects Huawei package, Chinese seeks retaliation

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FedEx again misdirects Huawei package, Chinese seeks retaliation

On Sunday, the 23rd of June 2019. US-based courier service provider, FedEx acknowledged that an operational error had prevented the company from delivering a package to United States, weeks after it had misdirected two Huawei packages addressed to the telecom titan’s headquarter in China.

In effect, followed by the reveal of FedEx’s statement, China’s Global Times Newspaper said at a tweet that the US-based service provider would likely to be included into the China’s hit list of foreign entities operating in the country, of which Beijing would like to restrain activities as an act of retaliation to United States’ ban of Huawei.

In fact, the latest incident of FedEx Corp. could heighten acrimony between the two nations ahead of a long-anticipated Trump-Xi meeting later this month in the Japanese city of Osaka. Besides, a FedEx spokesman said in terms of anonymity that FedEx had misdirected another Huawei package addressed for United States, but the spokesman declined to say about detail whereabouts of the packages, while FedEx sent an emailed statement saying, “The package in question was mistakenly returned to the shipper, and we apologize for this operational error”.

Nonetheless, ahead of a high-stake trade talk between negotiators of Beijing and Washington, neither FedEx nor Chinese foreign ministry had responded while being asked about the latest FedEx incident with Huawei packages.