Google abused Android dominance in India: Financial watchdog

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Google abused Android dominance in India: Financial watchdog

On Friday, the 28th of June 2019, officials of Indian anti-trust watchdog said before ordering a much-wider probe on US-based Alphabet Inc.’s search engine giant, Google LLP, that, the No. 1 internet service provider of the world appeared to have abused its Android dominance in India to push back rivals and reduced options of device manufacturers to add alternate versions of its Android operating system for mobile phones.

Apart from that, an order from Competition Commission of India at a 14-page padding, viewed by a press agency earlier this week had found that Google’s restriction on its Android operating system for manufacturers and developers seemed to have imposed an ‘unfair trading practice’ under India’s competition laws.

In point of fact, the Indian case against Google LLP had been identical to one it had faced earlier on May in Europe, where regulators had ordered a $5 billion in financial penalties over the company’s abuse of market dominance to force manufacturer to pre-install its apps on Android-run devices, however, the US-based search engine titan had appealed against the verdict.

Adding that the CCI had found prima facie leveraging of Google dominance in Indian market, CCI said on Friday’s (June 28th) order, “Google reduced the ability and incentive of device manufacturers to develop and sell devices operated on alternate versions of Android”.