US stock future amps up, Lira advances after Trump-Erdogan meeting

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US stock future amps up, Lira advances after Trump-Erdogan meeting

On Sunday, the 30th of June 2019, US Stock futures had been 1 percent higher after United States and China had agreed to restart trade talk on Saturday (June 29th), while Wall St. alongside European bourses were expected to open higher on Monday (July 1st).

In fact, US President Donald Trump went through a busy weekend, as on Saturday (June 29th), he met Chinese President Xi Jinping over the sidelines of the latest G20 summit in the Japanese city of Osaka and reached a trade truce with China, eventually relieving global investors, which was followed by a meeting with Turkish President Erdogan on Sunday (June 30th).

After US had reached a trade truce with China following Saturday’s (June 29th) Trump-Xi meeting, Asian stock markets heat up on Monday, while Nikkei posted a two-month high and S&P e-mini futures rose more than 1 percent on Asian trading hours.

Aside from that, following Sunday’s (June 30th) Trump-Erdogan meeting, Turkish President Erdogan said on Monday (July 1st) that he had heard from the US President and Trump said Turkey was treated unfairly over the S-400 Russian deal.

Besides, the Turkish President had also added that Trump had signaled there would be no dispute over purchase of Russian S-400 missiles defense system and first round of import would begin as soon as within 10 days. Since previously US had disagreed to S-400 purchase of Turkey from Russia, as it would have compromised its Lockheed Martin’s fighter jets, a critical part of NATO air fleets, latest soothing comments of Trump had eased a flurry of tensions between the nations and Turkish Lira gained as much as 1 percent to 5.7380 at Monday’s (July 1st) Asian midday trading hours.