Amazon to add more than 2,000 jobs in UK this year

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Amazon to add more than 2,000 jobs in UK this year

On Wednesday, the 3rd of July 2019, world’s No. 1 retailing industry giant, billionaire entrepreneur Jeff Bezos’ Inc. had issued a statement saying that US-based retailing giant had been planning to add more than 2,000 full-time jobs in United Kingdom this year, taking the retail titan’s Britain workforce to more than 29,500.

Aside from that, Inc.’s Wednesday’s (July 3rd) statement had also added that the permanent jobs would be at its UK headquarter in London in order to oversee and execute operations in research and development alongside Amazon Web Services and Operations.

Nonetheless, new job openings would include wide-ranging positions such as entry-level workers for warehouses and engineers, data scientists, software architects, machine and cloud learning experts etc. Besides, news of latest job opening in its biggest market in Europe, UK, came forth a day after Inc.’s had told that it would create about 1,800 permanent jobs in France this year, the retailing giant’s second biggest market in Europe.

Apart from that, following Wednesday’s statement of new job openings in United Kingdom, an Amazon spokesman had been quoted saying that more than 170 new positions would be opened at Amazon’s development centers in London, Edinburgh and Cambridge.