Malaysia bans sea sand exports, Singapore’s land expansion in jeopardy

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Malaysia bans sea sand exports, Singapore’s land expansion in jeopardy

On Wednesday, the 3rd of July 2019, officials of Kuala Lumpur said that Malaysia had banned the export of sea sands last year, which put into effect during the first half of 2019, while multiple sea sand traders had been quoted saying that the ban would likely to complicate, Malaysia’s biggest sea sand buyer, Singapore’s ambitious plan of expanding lands along its sea borders.

In point of fact, capitalizing Malaysia’s sea sand commodity, Singapore had increased its land area by a quarter since its independence in 1965, while the latest Malaysian ban on sea sand export would likely to intervene Singapore’s havoc-scale expansion plans including creating the world’s biggest container terminal in its Tuas Mega port.

Nonetheless, two government sources said in terms of anonymity on Tuesday (July 2nd) that Malaysian President Mahathir Mohammed, who reclaimed the office last year in an eventful election, impact of which had yet to be stomached, had been upset that its much-richer neighboring country, Singapore, had been enhancing its land boundaries by utilizing Malaysian sea sands.

Besides, President Mahathir had also been concerns that corrupted Malaysian officials had been benefitting from the unique commodity business. As an attempt to curb Singapore’s land expansion program, President Mahathir had put a ban on all kind of sea sand exports to Singapore on October 3rd last year, which recently had come into effect, added the government sources in terms of anonymity, given the sensitive nature of the information.

However, President Mahathir had declined the allegation that the move was aimed at limiting Singapore’s land expansion program, adding that that he was trying to crackdown illegal sea sand smuggling.