UK regulator to probe roles of Google, Facebook in digital ad market

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UK regulator to probe roles of Google, Facebook in digital ad market

On Wednesday, the 3rd of July 2019, the competition regulator of United Kingdom had initiated a probe into the power exercised by tech tycoons likes of Google LLP and Facebook Inc. over the digital advertising markets, while the recent investigation would likely to involve the ownership of the data, added regulators.

Besides, following the unveiling of the probe, competition and market regulators of Britain had been quoted saying that the investigation would be aimed at the extent of influence the platforms had been executing. Aside from that, the competition regulators had also added that they would also be looking into how Facebook and Google had been collecting and capitalizing personal data alongside whether the processes would bar consumers to receive a good deal.

Latest probe was brought into light, after the Chairman of a new UK panel, focused on reviewing the nation’s approach towards digital technology, Jason Furman, a chief economist in former US President Barack Obama’s administration, hired last year had found that the tech moguls required more competition.

Concomitantly, Britain’s competition regulators had also been quoted saying that it found evidence that there had been problems on digital ad market competitiveness and it would be making detailed recommendation to government to reform entire structure of the digital advertisement market.