White House asked federal court to scrap Huawei lawsuit

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White House asked federal court to scrap Huawei lawsuit

On Wednesday, the 3rdof July 2019, the Trump Administration had filed a legal motion asking for a cancellation of a lawsuit filed earlier in March by Chinese telco titan, Huawei Technologies, claiming that the Trump administration had broken off US constitutional rights, when it had blacklisted Huawei products.

In fact, Huawei had filed a lawsuit against the US government on last March in the federal court of Texas, complaining that the law, which was exploited to curb its American business, was unconstitutional. If truth is be told, the world’s No.

1 telecommunication equipment maker, China’s Huawei Technologies had become a subject to collateral damage amid an ongoing trade war US and China, however, US President Trump had recently agreed to lift up some restrictions on Huawei, but White House trade adviser, Larry Kudlow said earlier this week that the lifting of Huawei ban would be involving only widely available goods, downgrading the significance of lifting a Huawei ban that would likely cost the company alongside its US suppliers trillions over this year and next.

Aside from that, on Wednesday (July 3rd), US government had also added that importing products to Huawei was being reviewed with “highest national security,” as the company was still blacklisted in the US trade representative Lighthizer’s office.