BMW and Daimler to team up on self-driving technology

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BMW and Daimler to team up on self-driving technology

On Thursday, the 4th of July 2019, manufacturer of Rolls-Royce, German luxury automaker BMW, alongside Daimler AG had issued a joint statement saying that about 1,200 developers of autonomous driving software would tie-up to develop self-driving technology, remarking a latest merger on self-driving tech amid a time, when profit margins appear to be shrinking in the face of steep competition and dried out resources.

Besides, BMW and Daimler AG had been quoted saying on their Thursday’s (July 4th) joint statement that the strategic tie-up would center its focus on technologies required for assisted driving systems, automated carparking alongside automated driving in the highways.

However, the companies had also added that byproducts of the joint research on self-driving tech would be implemented individually. In point of fact, the German carmakers had first unveiled their plan to merge forces on automated driving on last February.

Nonetheless, Daimler and BMW had said on Thursday (July 4th) that the German carmakers had finalized their accord and they were expecting the technology to be deployed for mass-market sales by 2024. In actuality, facing hurdles from geo-political trade tensions and a strict emission regulation in Europe, carmakers appeared to be forced in to tie-up to grapple up with a steep competition on autonomous technology.