EU voted 5G over Wi-Fi on self-driving car technology

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EU voted 5G over Wi-Fi on self-driving car technology

On Thursday, the 4th of July 2019, the European Union Commission had issued a statement saying that Brussels had cemented the way to 5G technologies for internet connected cars, rebuffing a push for existing Wi-Fi technology backed by Germany’s Volkswagen.

As a matter of fact, Thursday’s (July 4th) vote on European Union parliament had concluded months of speculation on whether Europe would be adopting a 5G technology for self-driving cars or adopting an existing Wi-Fi technology.

Over the recent weeks, auto industries and carmakers alongside powerful members of EU parliament remained split on adopting a particular internet technology for autonomous cars. Nonetheless, despite veto from 21 countries including Germany, France and Italy, three powerful car industries, on Brussel’s proposal, 5G telecom system was approved over Wi-Fi, an EU official said on Thursday (July 4th) in terms of anonymity.

The landmark result remarked a triumph for German luxury carmaker BMW and US chipmaker Qualcomm, which had been opposing a Volkswagen AG’s move of adopting a Wi-Fi technology instead much-debated 5G networks over national security issues.

Adding that EU’s decision to add 5G networks for self-driving would set a benchmark for autonomous driving and generate billions in revenues for equipment makers, carmakers alongside the telecom operators, European Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc said at a statement following Thursday’s (July 4th) vote, “We will therefore continue to work together with member states to address their concerns and find a suitable way forward”.