Amazon boss Bezos finalized divorce at $38.3 billion settlement

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Amazon boss Bezos finalized divorce at $38.3 billion settlement

Founder and CEO of US-based retailing giant, Inc., billionaire entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, had finalized his divorce at a $38.3 billion settlement after 25 years of conjugal life on Friday, the 5th of July, a Bloomberg report had revealed.

In point of fact, two months earlier, world’s largest online retailer, stated at a regulatory filing that about 4 percent of Inc.’s stock or 19.7 million shares would be endorsed to Mackenzie Bezos’ name after the approval of the divorce.

On last January, the couple had announced their plans of divorce, which eventually caused corporate worries, as Bezos could lose some of his voting powers on management board and his former wife might have liquidated large stakes.

Nonetheless, despite a slight crimsoning of the fact aimed at a blackmailing effort by airing Bezos’ extra-marital affair with a television anchor in a US tabloid, National Enquirer, backed by Republic US President Donald Trump, a rival of Bezos-owned newspaper “The Washington Post” due to its anti-Republican activities during 2016 US presidential campaign, the divorce had been completed smoothly by a Seattle-area judge on Friday (July 5th).

Aside from that, the Bloomberg report published on Friday (July 5th) had also added that Bezos still retained a 12 percent stake of the company and remained the richest person of the world. Besides, Mackenzie Bezos, former wife of Jeff Bezos had been quoted saying earlier that she would be handing over her voting power to her ex-husband, alleviating some boardroom concerns, as financial markets had witnessed multiple conglomerates getting dashed following divorces of the owners.