Volkswagen to deepen alliance with battery suppliers as e-vehicle push

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Volkswagen to deepen alliance with battery suppliers as e-vehicle push

On Monday, the 8th of July 2019, a senior board member of Volkswagen AG, Stefan Sommer, said that the German carmaker, Volkswagen AG, headquartered in Wolfsburg, would soon create joint ventures with battery cell producers for e-vehicles and proffer financial help to battery manufacturers, as part of a broad-based plan to back its aggressive push for mass-scale production of e-vehicles.

Earlier this year, Volkswagen AG had said it would purchase about $56 billion (50 billion euro) worth of battery cells and identified five major manufacturers of battery cell as strategic partners such as South Korean SKI, LG Chem and Samsung SDI, alongside China’s CATL and Sweden’s Northvolt.

Adding that not every supplier is optimistic of a mass-scale adoption of electric vehicle in next five years, Sommer said at an interview with a press agency, “Not every supplier is convinced that electric mobility will come on such a large scale.

You need to spend more time convincing them to invest in the auto industry. These producers need to prioritize between making a new smartphone or building a new battery factory. So even the battery cell producers are asking: will production volumes scale up quickly?” Nonetheless, Wolfsburg-based Volkswagen, top-selling automaker in 2018 excluding pickups and vans, has plans to develop as many as 33 e-vehicle models under brands of Skoda, Audi, Seat and VW, likely to be marketed by mid-2023.