South Korea’s Moon urges Japan to remove sanction on tech exports

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South Korea’s Moon urges Japan to remove sanction on tech exports

On Monday, the 8th of July 2019, the President of South Korean, Moon Jae-in urged Japan to withhold a sanction on South Korea-bound tech exports, a few days after Japan’s G20 summit had hosted its noisy neighbor in the city of Osaka.

Nonetheless, latest ban on Japanese supplies to South Korean technology company had widely been contemplated as a row over forced wartime labor, which had started to shake up global supplies of South Korean chips and smartphones.

However, in his first public remarks about Japan’s curb on South Korea-bound exports, South Korean President Moon had been quoted saying on Monday (July 8th) that the latest trade spat with Tokyo had been a rancorous cycle of actions by uneasy neighbors.

Moon also added that, both of the allies of United States, the world’s largest economy, should have been able to avoid collision courses. In effect, Japan’s ban on tech exports to South Korea would affect global suppliers of products of Samsung Electronics, Chipmaker SK Hynix Inc., Apple Inc.

alongside China’s Huawei Technologies. In context of its latest sanction on South Korean exports, Japan had been quoted saying last week that the latest ban was linked to a dispute over compensation for forced wartime labor.