2nd Turk drillship arrives offshore Cyprus, tension mounts in Mediterranean

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2nd Turk drillship arrives offshore Cyprus, tension mounts in Mediterranean

On Monday, the 8th of July, Refinitiv Eikon data revealed that a Cyprus-bound second Turkish ship with drilling rig for crude oil and natural gas had arrived at the Mediterranean island’s northeastern coast, as Erdogan-led government of Turkey, which had no diplomatic relationship with Cyprus, recently claimed that certain areas of Cyprus’s offshore maritime zone, commonly called as EEZ and some onshore properties fell under the jurisdiction of Turkey.

As a matter of fact, Cyprus was divided back in the 1970s, after a Turkish invasion had prompted a brief Greek-led coup, complicating Cyprus’s offshore resources, maritime borders and some onshore properties, leaving the small island shattered into pieces with a blend of Greek and Turk holdings at northern part of Cypriot island.

Nonetheless, last month, leaders of European Union, of which both Cyprus and Greece are members, had warned Turkey not to intrude into disputed maritime areas offshore of Cyprus with its drilling rigs, otherwise, it would face actions from the bloc.

However, in effect, Turkey holds paramount significance to EU’s factory activities following launch of a two-line gas pipeline under the Black sea earlier this year, which appeared to have proffered enough steam to Ankara to explore into disputed territories near Cyprus and to take on some European leaders in context of a newly formed EU parliament, analysts suggested.