E-Scooters return VOI on road to positive cashflow

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E-Scooters return VOI on road to positive cashflow

A number of young people zooming around big cities of Europe on e-bikes may have become a bizarre landscape for some pedestrians and motorbike riders, but it proffers a positive cashflow for the Swedish e-bike start-up VOI, founded in 2018.

Nonetheless, addressing that VOI had reached to a regulatory code of conducts of higher significance with its hometown authorities, Stockholm, VOI co-founder alongside Chief-Executive, Frederik Hjelm said on Monday, the 8th of July 2019, that, following a fatal accident involving a VOI e-scooter, VOI had scaled up code of conducts with Stockholm authorities for all operators.

Emphasizing that recurrences of e-bike accidents were actually in the hands of the users, Hjelm said, “Accidents are always very tragic and sad but since we’re in transportation, unfortunately there’s always a risk of accident.

We can do everything we can on product operations and education but ultimately we’re in the hands of the users,” while critics had begun to murmur that VOI alongside other e-bike operators could experience the fate of Asian bike operators likes of Mobike and GoBee and might be thrown out of Europe due to excessive vandalism, breach of regulations and price wars.

However, VOI CEO, Hjelm said in response that e-bike sector had learned from its previous mistakes and VOI had upgraded some of its models with long-range swappable batteries in order to alleviate transport costs and enhance battery life.