Japan, South Korea rachet up trade dispute

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Japan, South Korea rachet up trade dispute

On Tuesday, the 9th of July 2019, tensions over the coast of the South Pacific Ocean appears to be running high, as Japan and Korea stepped up their trade dispute over a forced wartime labor issue which had every potentiality to disrupt global supply chains of chips and smartphones.

Latest trade dispute between Japan and South Korea developed last weekend, when Japan had inclined restrictions on some tech exports to South Korea reiterating forced wartime labor issue, while on Tuesday (July 9th), trade rows between the noisy neighbors appeared to have fueled up further when Seoul had criticized a Japanese media reports that Tokyo had supplied a key chemical to North Korea.

However, in plain view, the latest friction seems to have stemmed from the issue that some South Korean workers were exploited and forced to work in favor of Japanese firms during World War II, while, analysts were suggesting that the move of Japanese government to curb tech exports to South Korea could hit tech giants likes of Samsung Electronics, Chipmaker SK Hynix, Apple Inc.

alongside Huawei Technologies. On Tuesday (July 9th), facts flamed up after a media report had quoted saying that some South Korea-bound exports of hydrogen fluoride, which could be used for chemical weapons, were shipped to North Korea, citing a senior member of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

While being asked about the countermeasures, Industry Minister of South Korea, Sung, said that Seoul had been probing every possible plan. As a matter of fact, two neighboring nations had plans to hold talk by next Friday (July 12th), a media report revealed.