Apple set out China App development program

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Apple set out China App development program

On Tuesday, the 9th of April 2019, the Cupertino-based iPhone maker, Apple Inc. had launched a program in Shanghai aimed at helping iPhone app developments in greater China, that includes mainland Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan, as a part of iPhone maker’s attempt to expand its services businesses in one of the most strategically critical overseas markets amid rising competition from local smaller rivals alongside Chinese tech tycoons likes of Xiaomi and Huawei Technologies.

Latest launch of Apple’s App development program came at a time, when iPhone sales had been witnessing a massive drop in sales amid a Sino-US trade spat and rising market competition from rivals with cheaper products.

Nevertheless, the app developer program would hold networking sessions, workshops alongside lectures for the app developers in a regular basis, Apple Inc. said at a statement on Tuesday (July 9th). Although Apple had launched a similar accelerator in 2017 in India’s tech hub, Bengaluru, but both Chinese and Indian smartphone markets are still dominated by companies developing android-based devices such as Xiaomi, Samsung Electronics Co.

Ltd. and Huawei Technologies. Despite launch of several financing schemes earlier this year, world’s largest tax payer, CEO Tim Cook’s Apple Inc., appeared to have missed steams in Chinese and Asian markets, suggested analysts following reveal of Tuesday’s Apple Inc. statement.