Brazil cotton farmers sue Bayer AG over GMO seed patent dispute

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Brazil cotton farmers sue Bayer AG over GMO seed patent dispute

On Thursday, the 11th of July 2019, cotton producers in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso had filed a lawsuit against much-debated German chemical conglomerate Bayer AG, headquartered in Leverkusen, asking the district court to suspend the German company’s patent protection for its Bollgard II RR Flex GM cotton seeds, a court document seen by a press agency had revealed yesterday (July 11th).

According to a statement issued by the Cotton Producers Association in Mato Grosso (AMPA), Brazilian cotton farmers had been demanding about $151 million in royalties, as the farmers had been claiming that the genetically modified seeds did not constitute a de facto technological innovation.

In point of fact, soybean producers in Brazil had also filed a similar lawsuit earlier when they sued the chemical company’s patent protection right over a widely used genetically modified soya seed, RR2 Pro. Following the reveal of Thursday’s (July 11th) statement by AMPA, the Attorney General representing Brazilian farmers, Sidney Pereira de Souza Jr., had confirmed that the patent office and farmers were suing the German chemical giant, Bayer AG.

As a repercussion, Bayer had released a statement later on Thursday (July 11th) saying that the company had not been notified yet about any patent dispute linked to its Bollgard II RR Flex technology, adding that its cotton seed technology had been highly revered by the Brazilian cotton growers.