Airbus aims to sell 1,000 planes in Latin America, Caribbean over 15yrs

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Airbus aims to sell 1,000 planes in Latin America, Caribbean over 15yrs

World’s second biggest aerospace and defense company, Airbus SE, behind United States’ Boeing Co., headquartered in Leiden, Netherland, had been targeting to sell more than 1,000 new passenger planes over the next one decade and a half in Latin America and Caribbean, covering about half of the total demand of the region, an executive of Boeing Co.’s European counterpart said on earlier this week.

In point of fact, over 700 Airbus aircrafts had already been serving more than 30 airliners in Latin America and Caribbean, which also accounted for about 60 percent of Airbus’s operating fleet. Adding that over the next decade, Latin American aviation market would likely to expand robustly, Airbus’s Vice President for Latin America and Caribbean region, Alberto Robles said in a phone interview with a press agency, “In the next 15 years, the Latin American aviation market will require more than 2,000 new aircraft.

We’d sell more than 1,000 planes”. Besides, Robles had also added that Airbus had generated about $72 billion (64 billion euros) in profit excluding expenses, seven percent of which came from Caribbean and Latin American territory, and the company was expected to sell its fleet of Eurofighter Typhoon to Colombia in order to revamp the nation’s air defense.

Concomitantly, aside from passenger aircrafts, Airbus had been selling military transportations, satellites and helicopters on south America and Caribbean over the recent years.