US misled people, said China need trade deal due to slow economy: Beijing

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US misled people, said China need trade deal due to slow economy: Beijing

On Tuesday, the 16th of July 2019, aggravating a growing acrimony between the tariff-war-struck economies of United States and China, Foreign Ministry of China said that it was misleading of United States to suggest that Beijing required a trade deal to avert shortcomings of its slowing economy following a tweet by US President Donald Trump.

In point of fact, yesterday, July 15th, following reveal of a China data that had shown that the world’s second-largest economy’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) grew at a 27-year-low pace last month, Trump had tweeted that the sluggishness of Chinese economy had been a leverage to United States to stamp a trade deal at a “win at all cost” scenario.

Nonetheless, challenging Trump’s tweet, which had also faced sheer criticism yesterday following release of China’s upbeat factory activity and retail sales in June, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Geng Shuang said to a daily news briefing in Beijing that China’s economic growth had not been bad during second quarter, given the extent of added US tariffs and a worsened Sino-US trade war.

However, on yesterday’s (July 15th) tweet, Trump had addressed slowness in Chinese economic growth as a blistering evidence of impact of United States' China tariff. Besides, Trump had also added that the latest slowdown in Chinese economy would force it to abandon its stance in tariff war, but, in actuality, the latest battle of quotes between the economic superpowers did little but adding further resentment into their relationship ahead of a resumption of trade talk scheduled to take place later this week.