Amazon under fire from EU antitrust over use of reseller data

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Amazon under fire from EU antitrust over use of reseller data

On Wednesday, the 17th of July 2019, the world’s largest online retailer, billionaire Jeff Bezos’ Inc., had become a target of an EU antitrust probe over its usage of merchant data, as regulators home and abroad had been enhancing oversight on how large tech companies had been exploiting customers’ information.

In point of fact, latest investigation on how Inc. had been handling user data to bolster its business came amid a bundle of anti-trust probes, as regulatory enforcers had been examining how tech tycoons likes of Facebook, Amazon and Google had been abusing customers’ data to boost up their market power.

In the wake of growing questions over how tech giants had been dealing with consumers’ data, some US policymakers alongside one of Facebook co-founder had already asked for a broad-based reform of the tech giants such as Facebook, which might have included separating it into four segments, such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, four of the world’s top six social networking platform, while possibly indicating towards a market monopolization at its best, however Facebook co-founder and CEO, Zuckerberg had declined the proposal.

According to EU Commission’s Wednesday’s (July 17th) comment, its latest investigation on Amazon would look into the data agreement clauses of Inc. with its resellers, while EU Commission would also probe on how the world’s largest online retailer had been choosing a reseller among hundreds of same product, when a consumer clicked the “buy” button.