Microsoft set to invest $1 billion on OpenAI as cloud-based AI push

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Microsoft set to invest $1 billion on OpenAI as cloud-based AI push

On Monday, the 22nd of July 2019, Microsoft Corp., the American architect of Windows OS headquartered in Redmond, Washington, had issued a statement saying that the company was looking to invest a lump-sum of $1 billion to San Francisco-based OpenAI in order to reinforce its cloud-based supercomputing operations in AI-fields.

Besides, the Washington-based Microsoft Corporation had also added on its Monday’s (July 22nd) statement that the company had laid the foundation of a multi-year partnership deal to develop AI-based supercomputing technology for its Azure cloud computing service.

In fact, latest Microsoft move was widely contemplated as an aggressive reform aimed at surpassing its cloud-rival Inc.’s cloud services after the company’s share price had breached its all-time-high last week on sales boost of its cloud services.

If truth is to be told, Microsoft had been shifting from conventional Windows OS business to cloud computing services since it employed Satya Narayan Nadella, 51, an Indian-American business executive hailing from Hyderabad as its Chief Executive back in the 2014s, while its latest move to invest on OpenAI could potentially alter the landscape of AI-based supercomputing technology.

Founded back in 2015 as a non-profit farm with $1 billion funding from LinkedIn Co-founder, Reid Hoffman and Silicon Valley investors, Sam Altman alongside Peter Thiel, OpenAI had been engaged in high-tech artificial intelligence researches such as teaching a robotic hand to perform human-hand’s tasks likes of gripping through software-commands.