Uber Freight steers into Germany as $500 billion trucking market stares

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Uber Freight steers into Germany as $500 billion trucking market stares

US-based ride hailing pioneer, Uber Technologies has been launching a freight operation platform in Germany aimed at grabbing a share of Europe’s $500 billion trucking market, a top executive of Uber said on Wednesday, the 24th of July 2019.

In point of fact, Uber Technologies, one of the most closely watched Silicon Valley giants, based on San Francisco, California, had begun to take on European tech start-ups earlier this following its launch of a freight platform in Netherlands earlier this year.

Nonetheless, while Germany would be Uber’s second freight market in Europe, another Uber executive had been quoted saying to a press agency on Wednesday (July 24th), that prospects of further expansions through the continent had been shimmering on the horizon as the company would soon begin to grab trucking market shares in the Europe’s largest economy.

At its home territory, Uber Freight service had already connected 48 states and generated over $125 million on Q2, 2019. Although, Uber’s earlier effort to establish a ride-hailing business in Germany was met with wide-ranging oppositions from taxi companies to politicians, Uber had consulted German transport industry giants alongside government officials in order to win support for its Freight business, said Uber Freight’s head of European expansion, Daniel Buczkowski.