BMW to double up battery production capacity in the United States

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BMW to double up battery production capacity in the United States

On Wednesday, the 24th of July 2019, the German luxury carmaker, BMW Group, headquartered in Munich said that the company would almost double up its manufacturing capacity for e-vehicle batteries at its US plant of South Carolina, as the maker of Rolls-Royce, BMW and Mini had been ramping up manufacturing efforts as an electric vehicle push in order to introduce a two-shift system for both of its BMW X3 and X5 models.

According to the German carmaker, BMW Group, which was founded as an aircraft engine manufacturer back in 1916, the Munich-based carmaker had been investing a lump-sum of $10 million in order to put in place a new battery assembly line capable of operating in a two-shift system.

Besides, the company had also added that BMW Group had manufactured approximately 15,000 e-vehicle batteries with a one-shift operating system, while it has now been planning to establish a two-shift system battery line for its hybrid version of X5 offroader alongside BMW X5.

Aside from that, a BMW spokesman had been quoted saying following Wednesday’s (July 24th) statement that the German carmaker was planning to employ 120 staffs in order to manufacture different kinds of batteries, as a move to double up battery productions at its US plant. In point of fact, BMW had assembled more than 45,000 batteries over the past four years.