South Korea threatens Japan to reveal military secrets; trade row rumbles

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South Korea threatens Japan to reveal military secrets; trade row rumbles

In the wake of a withering bitterness spurring between the noisy neighbors beside the North Pacific, South Korea had recently ramped up trade tensions further warning that it would scrap an intelligence sharing pact with Japan, however, South Korea, the fourth-largest economy in Asia and the eleventh-largest in the world, was seeking for a timeout with Tokyo as well, a senior South Korean government official said to the reporters in Bangkok on Saturday, the 3rd of August 2019.

In point of fact, recent warning of South Korea to pull itself out of a tri-nation intelligence sharing pact holding sheer significance for United States to leverage an upper-hand in Asia was brought in to light after Japan had rubbed out South Korea of a favored trading nations’ list, forcing Seoul to caution that it would not be overpowered again by its terrible neighbor.

Aside from that, the South Korean official added Seoul raised another option at a trilateral meeting between foreign ministers of Japan, South Korea and United States that it might explore an option to revoke a trilateral military information sharing pact to counter Tokyo’s latest move.

More critically, the General Security of Military Information Agreement between Washington, Tokyo and Seoul, usually corporates a three-way intelligence gathering measure for United States. Nonetheless, followed by Friday’s (August 2nd) fresh warning to reveal military secrets, the South Korean official said to the reporters over the sidelines of a regional security forum in Bangkok, “GSOMIA plays a quite significant part in three-way security cooperation. We’ve made clear that for our part, we are in a situation to put all options on the table. ”