Daimler to face up to €1 billion in fine over diesel emission cheating

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Daimler to face up to €1 billion in fine over diesel emission cheating

Mercedes-Benzes-maker German automotive titan, Daimler AG, headquartered in Stuttgart, might face off a hefty sum between €800 million to €1 billion in punitive measures on potential diesel emission cheating, a report of a German Magazine, Der Spiegel, published at its online edition on Friday, the 9th of August 2019, had revealed citing court documents seen by some of its reporters.

Aside from that, the German newspaper had added that prosecutors of a district court in Stuttgart, home of the German multinational carmaker Daimler AG, were well poised to fine hundreds of millions of euros on potential diesel-emission violation.

More crucially, German newspaper Spiegel had been quoted saying in its Friday’s (August 9th) report that the German motor vehicle authority, shortly called as KBA, found out traces of software installed to cheat emission cheating tests for diesel-run Mercedes-Benz C-Class alongside E-Class, while as an aftermath, KBA had asked the Stuttgart-based carmaker to recall 2,80,000 vehicles, which were fitted with software to cheat diesel emission tests.

On top of that, the German Magazine had also added that Stuttgart-prosecutors were contemplating a penalty of up to €5,000 per vehicles, citing unnamed sources briefed directly over the subject-matter. Meanwhile, neither Daimler nor KBA agreed to disclose the detail of the lawsuit while being asked, but, a spokesman for KBA said in terms of anonymity on Friday (August 9th) that the investigations on Daimler AG’s usage of diesel-emission cheating software, which was underway, might not be concluded this year.