Walmart to take down violent video game signage after mass shooting

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Walmart to take down violent video game signage after mass shooting

On Friday, the 9th of August 2019, US-based retailing behemoth, headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas and owned by a rich Walton family holding 51 percent stakes of one the largest brick-and-mortar alongside online retailers, had asked its employees to pull down signs and playable demos of violent video games from its stores, however, the retailing industry titan did not mead any policy change on selling firearms despite mass shooting in Texas and Ohio this week that killed 31 people.

Aside from that, Walmart’s employees were asked to turn off the hunting season videos immediately. In point of fact, Bentonville-based Walmart Inc., the largest arms retailer in the United States, had been down under tremendous pressure to change its firearm-selling policies following the death of 31 people in mass shootings in Ohio alongside Texas, one of which had taken place in a Walmart store.

Meanwhile, amid a whirlpool of protests against Walmart Inc. in a bid to stop it from selling firearms, adding that Walmart’s attempts were not good enough, Democratic Presidential candidate for 2020 US election, Elizabeth Warren had been quoted saying on Friday (August 9th) that the “retailer should do the right thing- stop selling guns”.

Nonetheless, despite a flurry of protests against Walmart from US lawmakers and civilians, Walmart Inc. said in an interview with a press agency later this week that the largest firearm retailer of United States, which had to raise minimum age to purchase guns to 21 years in 2018 amid mass-scale public pressure, would not be changing its policies on sales of violent video games and firearms in its stores.