Colombia fines Uber $629,000 for obstructing regulatory visit

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Colombia fines Uber $629,000 for obstructing regulatory visit

On Monday, the 12th of August 2019, commerce regulators of the republic of Colombia, bounded in the north by the Caribbean Sea and the west by the North Pacific, issued a public statement saying that the Latin American nation’s commercial watchdog would fine US-based ride-sharing pioneer, Uber Technologies Inc., more than $629,000 in punitive measures due to obstructing a scheduled regulatory visit back in 2017.

On top of that, Uber Technologies Inc., world’s No. 1 ride-hailing giant has been engaged in a rattling battle with Colombian regulatory authorities over a number of issues including an approval of its ride-sharing services in Colombia, where usage of its app became widespread over the recent months, but remained illegal.

More into the bargains, fanning the flames further over illegal Uber operations in Colombia, the fourth-largest economy of Latin America by nominal GDP, financial regulators of the South American country had been quoted saying on Monday (August 12th) that cab drivers using Uber apps to seek for passengers wound face off a steep ban on their licenses, which could be extended up to 25 years.

Nonetheless, as a response, Uber said in a statement on Monday (August 12th) that the company had not been officially informed about the fines, while the regulators issued a statement shortly after Uber’s statement saying “The company presented a disrespectful and obstructive attitude in the face of different information requirements on the part of officials. ”