iPhone XR is Apple’s Best-selling model: Apple Executives

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iPhone XR is Apple’s Best-selling model: Apple Executives

Apple iPhone XR has been in the market for sale since mid-October and it has been Apple’s best-selling iPhone from the very beginning, as a company executive mentioned on Wednesday. The release of iPhone XR had been announced alongside two other models, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XS.

The iPhone XR costs around $749 and the price of iPhone XS and XS max start from $999. While XR offers many key features at a lower price point and analysts have widely reviewed it Apple’s one of the best efforts, XR deserve the stat of being the best-selling model.

At a significantly lower price point, the iPhone brings facial recognition unlocking and a faster processor to a wide range of buyers. However, Apple sale is expected to decline in next year and amidst this timid trade turmoil, concerns have been triggered that this model could not be performing as well as Apple had been anticipating.

Alongside, Apple’s assembler Foxconn has decided to cut cost, as Apple’s sales projection for next year showed risks of declined sales. Apart from this concern, Apple would not be disclosing its sales data anymore and this issue alone had contributed to a more than 20% drop in Apple’s peak share in October.

However, despite emerging sales concern, Apple executives are expecting a U-turn of this recent market projection, as an Apple spokesman commented.