Facebook Inc. hires paid contractors to transcribe users’ audio clips

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Facebook Inc. hires paid contractors to transcribe users’ audio clips

Menlo Park, CA-based Facebook Inc., world’s No. 1 social networking service provider had been hiring outside contractors to transcribe audio clips of its users, suggesting debarkations of further debate on Facebook Inc.’ privacy issue, which paid off $5 billion later last month to settle US privacy lawsuits, remarking the largest civil penalty ever in US history, a Bloomberg report published later on Tuesday (August 13th) had revealed citing sources briefed directly over the subject-matter.

Over and above that, adding further strains on Facebook Inc., which had been scuffling amid a bunch of lawsuits over privacy concerns in Central Europe and Northern America, Tuesday’s (August 13th) Bloomberg report had also added that the CA-based social networking goliath had confirmed that it had been hiring outside contractors to transcribe user’s audio messages on Facebook Inc.

platform, nonetheless, world’s No. 1 internet service provider holding majority stakes at four out of six leading online service providers, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, had been quoted saying following reveal of Tuesday’s (August 13th) Bloomberg report, that the company was no longer in pursuit of its user’s audio messages.

Further inside the bargain, as a response to Bloomberg’s Tuesday’s (August 13th) report, Facebook Inc. said that the company had taken consents of its users before transcribing their voice chats, while several industry analysts alongside regulators were quoted saying that affected Facebook Inc.

users might have given their consent without knowing their voice chats were being transcribed. In point of fact, the largest internet service provider across the globe, Menlo Park-based Facebook Inc. had been dealing with major blows over the clauses, which enabled it to exercise privacy malpractices while bypassing regulators and policymakers all over the world.