Tyson Foods recalls 40,000 pounds of Weaver chicken patties

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Tyson Foods recalls 40,000 pounds of Weaver chicken patties

Tyson Foods, the No. 1 US processed meat producer headquartered on Springdale, Arkansas issued a statement on Friday, the 16th of August 2019, saying that the world’s second largest meat processor, Arkansas-based Tyson Foods Inc.

would recall more than 40,000 pounds of Weaver chicken patties after some of its consumers had claimed to have found pieces of rubbers in the product. In point of fact, latest decision of Tyson Foods Inc., United States’ largest exporter of processed beef meat, was brought into light amid a tempestuous backdrop that the US Department of Agriculture was forced to classify the recalls as Class 1, the severest kind of recall in which usage of the products might cause a swath of injuries ranging from minor health consequences to even death by asphyxiation.

Nonetheless, followed by reveal of Tyson Foods Inc.’s latest decision to recall more than 40,000 pounds of its Weaver Chicken Patties, a Tyson spokeswoman had been quoted saying on Saturday (August 17th) that the company did not have a single clue how rubbers from meat processing machineries ended up in the Tyson’s Chicken Patties.

As of now, there had been no reports of severe injuries resulted by presence of rubbers in Tyson’s Chicken Patties, though the Tyson spokeswoman declined to disclose the number of customers reporting presence of life-threatening articles in their Weaver Chicken Patties.

More critically, latest recalls of one of Tyson’s best-selling products have been the Springdale-based food processor’s second recall in less than four months, as earlier on June, the world’s second-largest processor of beef, chicken and pig meats had to pull off over 12 million pounds of ready-to-eat, frozen chicken strips from the US markets due to potential contamination concerns.