Boeing resumes hiring as it sees 737 Max flights in the air by early Q4

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Boeing resumes hiring as it sees 737 Max flights in the air by early Q4

On Tuesday, the 20th of August 2019, the crisis-sickened US-based aircraft manufacturer, Boeing Co., headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, issued a statement saying that the world’s No. 1 low-cost aircraft carrier baker had been exploring an option to hire some extra staffs on a temporary basis at a Washington airport, where it was storing its largest bulk of grounded Max 737, remarking the first viable step to resume 737 Max flights by early fourth quarter this year.

In point of fact, the world’s largest planemaker, Illinois-based Boeing Co., was draining money for more than six months, after its single-aisle 737-Max had been grounded worldwide following two fatal crashes on Ethiopia and Indonesia that killed 346 souls on-board.

Further inside the bid, Boeing Co., the world’s largest low-cost aircraft carrier manufacturer, which had been facing off one of its worst crises in its history, had failed to secure a single order for its Boeing 737 Max aircraft after March 10th’s fatal air crash of an Ethiopian airliner.

Nonetheless, Boeing Co., which had recently posted its worst quarterly losses ever, had been quoted saying on Tuesday (August 20th) that its temporary workers would assist in the maintenance of the aircrafts, while they would also perform customer delivery preparations at the Grant County International Airport.

According to Boeing Co.’s Tuesday’s (August 20th) statement, the US-based planemaker had been planning to hire a few hundreds of temporary workers to speed up a broad-based overhaul of its Boeing 737 Max airliners.