Mexico and US bagged a deal to end tomato tariff dispute

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Mexico and US bagged a deal to end tomato tariff dispute

On Wednesday, the 21st of August 2019, after months of tentative talks, Mexican tomato producers had reached a last-minute accord with Trump Administration, which in effect would thwart an anti-dumping investigation by United States and conclude a tariff dispute that had been keeping Mexican tomato producers at their toes for months, a statement issued by Mexican government had unveiled on Wednesday (August 21st).

Besides, according to the last-minute deal reached by Mexican tomato producers with US Commerce Department, a majority of tomato exports to the United States would be subject to border inspection, while specialty tomatoes would face a higher base price in the American market places.

Followed by the reveal of the report, Mexican Economy Minister, Graciela Marquez had been quoted saying in a tweet on Wednesday (August 21st) that the high-stake agreement would keep US markets open for Mexican exporters, while US Commerce Department said in a statement, “(it) has enforcement provisions that completely eliminate the injurious effects of Mexican tomatoes, as well as price suppression and undercutting”.

Meanwhile, the far-right Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, whose relationship with US President Donald Trump had been a rough-ride over the recent months due to a reform of USMCA deal to win US Democratic lawmakers alongside months of bargain over higher tariffs on Mexican steel and aluminum, alongside tensions on trade immigration, labelled the agreement as a “very good news” at a press conference on Wednesday (August 21st).