Ukraine bans Russian men of military age, EU seeks further sanctions

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Ukraine bans Russian men of military age, EU seeks further sanctions

In the wake of EU renewing the sanctions of Russia, over the recent turmoil in Russian-Ukraine water border, Ukraine has made an announcement on Friday, saying that no Russian of combat age will not be allowed in Ukraine, a move made under the martial law in the fear of a Russian attack.

Earlier in this week, three Ukrainian ships including two artilleries had been trespassing in to the Russian water, while the route was temporarily closed. As a consequence, the Russian navy, in an attempt to stop the Ukrainian naval ships, rammed one of the Ukrainian ships and all three ships are now being detained by Russia.

This unexpected occurence earlier this week, gave rise to tension between Kiev and Moscow. In the light of this recent saga, the Ukraine introduced a martial law on Wednesday, as their president commented that Russia wanted to engulf his whole country.

Earlier on Thursday, the US president Donald Trump called off a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and while being asked about the cause, the US president mentioned about the Ukraine issue. Alongside these politically timid events, EU is trying to seek another issue to renew sanctions on Russia.

While the sea passage in Russia is blocked, both Ukrainian and Russian economy are losing oil revenues, as it is the only gateway to pass through Crimea.

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