FTC & AT&T settle 2014 lawsuit over data slowdown

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FTC & AT&T settle 2014 lawsuit over data slowdown

No. 2 wireless carrier in the United States, AT&T Inc. behind Verizon Communications, alongside Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had reached a settlement on a case dated back to 2014 that accused the Dallas, Texas-based wireless carrier of slowing down data speed sent to the wireless devices, a federal court hearing had shown on Friday, the 23rd of August 2019.

On top of that, according to court document seen by a press agency reporter, the US District Court on San Francisco had been quoted saying in its Friday’s (August 23rd) verdict that both of the parties, the plaintiff as well as the accused, had requested a stay order of 90-days so that the Federal Trade Commission could review the whereabouts of the case and vote on the settlement offered by AT&T.

Nonetheless, the financial terms of the settlement had yet to be revealed, while court document showed that both of the parties had reached an accord earlier this month.

In point of fact, FTC (Federal Trade Commission) had filed a lawsuit against AT&T back in the 2014s accusing the No. 2 wireless carrier in the United States of failing to report its consumers beforehand that the Texas-based wireless carrier would be slowing data speeds for its premium users enjoying an unlimited plan.