France and Japan to prevent Renault-Nissan collision course

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France and Japan to prevent Renault-Nissan collision course

Macron and Abe have been seeking out the ways of averting the Renault-Nissan Alliance row, as France and Japan leaders discussed about the surprise arrest of its former chairman Ghosn in the sidelines of the G20 summit.

While this car-making alliance has been facing its biggest challenge since its formation in 1999 by the auto industry giant Carlos Ghosn, as an attempt to rescue Nissan from close to bankruptcy, and this is how Nissan’s new gen executives are paying back.

As the alliance’s lion share is held by Renault, Nissan had been trying to get out of Renault’s grasp for years and in the light of recent Carlos Ghosn’s arrest, Nissan has shown their real motive, saying that there would not be any boss of the alliance, although the French car maker Renault deserved a say in this regard because of its stake holds, as an alliance spokesman said yesterday after a failed meeting of Renault and Nissan executives to find out a new alliance boss.

Despite the grave accusations against Carlos Ghosn, which seemed to be plotted by the Nissnan CEO, Hiroto Saiwaka, the police did not find any single trace of evidence against the former alliance boss. French PM Macron, whose government had repeatedly asked Japan to share relevant evidence regarding these earthshaking accusations against Ghosn, restated his wish to preserve the alliance, alongside the stability of the group.