Huawei faces criminal probe by US prosecutor on intellectual property theft

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Huawei faces criminal probe by US prosecutor on intellectual property theft

Amid a ratting year-long battle between United States and China over trade, in which the world’s largest telco gear manufacturer, Huawei Technologies had become a chip of bargain for Trump Administration, on Thursday, the 29th of August 2019, US Prosecutors had set out a new investigation against the Chinese tech conglomerate accusing the Shenzhen-based telecommunication equipment maker of alleged technology theft, a Wall Street Journal report published on Thursday (August 29th) had revealed citing sources familiar with the subject-matter.

On top of that, Thursday’s (August 19th) Wall Street Journal report had also added that the Chinese tech titan was accused of stealing intellectual property from companies alongside individuals for multiple years by recruiting employees from its rivals.

Aside from that, the report had also been quoted saying that the latest probe on Huawei would be looking in to the business practices of the Chinese tech conglomerates which had not been covered in the regulatory clauses allowing Huawei to continue its “so-called” business malpractice.

Nonetheless, a gruelling battle between China’s Huawei and the Trump Administration had begun on December 1st last year when Huawei CFO Meng was arrested in Canada over US extradition request, while she was charged with concealing critical financial information linked with Huawei’s sell off of Hewlett Packard tech instruments to Iran through a Hong Kong-based tech entity Skycorp. Despite a US ban on Iran.