Apple to supply parts to independent repairing shops for the first time

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Apple to supply parts to independent repairing shops for the first time

On Thursday, the 29th of August 2019, the US-based iPhone maker, Apple Inc. had issued a public statement saying that the Cupertino-based iPhone manufacturer would soon begin to sell repair guides, tools and parts to a raft of independent repairing shops to fix broken phones, suggesting a major turnaround of Apple Inc.’s policy after years of lobbying against the laws on some US states, which initially urged Apple Inc.

to supply repairing tools to the independent repairing shops. Aside from that, followed by reveal of Thursday’s (August 29th) statement, a top official of Apple Inc. had been quoted saying that the latest policy change would likely to ease workloads of its authorized iPhone repairing shops, which had been struggling over the recent past to fix millions of fried charging port alongside cracked screens.

Meanwhile, the Apple official had also added that under the terms of new policy, independent operators of iPhone repairing stores would be offered with official parts at the same price the iPhone maker had been offering to its authorized service providers, nevertheless, there had been a drawback.

as independent iPhone repairing shops would have to face off out-of-warranty repairs, which eventually would make them more vulnerable to a hefty amount in losses following an unsuccessful repair attempt. Besides, adding that the Apple move would be creating more opportunities for the company to shore up sales of its devices, an analyst with Creative Strategist, Ben Bajarin told following reveal of Thursday’s (August 29th) Apple Inc.

statement, “That helps them get the product more affordably into the hands of more customers and increases the base. Every data point seems to say, if you get someone into the Apple ecosystem, they generally don’t leave. ”