German carmaker Volkswagen overstates mileage on 98,000 US vehicles

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German carmaker Volkswagen overstates mileage on 98,000 US vehicles

Volkswagen AG, the Wolfsburg-based German carmaker and the lone ranger to post an operating profit so far this year amid a tumultuous automotive market with sales falling to multi-year lows in the face of a growing uproar of recession risks, had agreed to a $96.5 million court settlement on Friday, the 30th of August 2019, acknowledging that the top-selling automaker of 2018 excluding pickups and trucks, Volkswagen AG's roughly 98k vehicles software had overstated the vehicles real-work performance by approximately one mile per gallon.

Nonetheless, latest settlement of Volkswagen AG came into effect, after Environment Protection Agency of the United States had accused the German carmaker of overestimating gas emission credits alongside fuel economy ratings.

Aside from that, according to the court documents revealed on Friday (August 30th), the EPA had been quoted saying that more than 1 million vehicles including 2013-2017 models of SUVs likes of Audi, Bentley, Porsche alongside VW had installed software that used to shift gears automatically during the fuel-emission tests in such a manner that sometimes reported an overestimated optimization of vehicles’ mileages alongside greenhouse gas emission during the test.

More critically, EPA had also added that the VW vehicles’ software accused of cheating to pass through diesel emission test in the US could not mead a same result during normal driving condition, which in effect forced the Wolfsburg-based World’s No. 1 passenger car-maker in terms of sales to lower mileage ratings for roughly 98,000 vehicles.