Volkswagen Lawyers seek $26 million fuel economy settlement

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Volkswagen Lawyers seek $26 million fuel economy settlement

On Monday, the 2nd of September 2019, lawyers for the Frankfurt-based German automotive giant, Volkswagen were set to ask a $26 million bailout package to settle a US probe on Volkswagen AG’s attempt to overstate its 98,000 vehicles’ fuel efficiency in attorney’s fees and expenses, court documents seen by a press agency reporter had unveiled.

In point of fact, latest development on settling a probe on Volkswagen AG came into being a couple of days after the Environment Protection Agency had asked the German automaker to forefeet greenhouse gas emission credit on its diesel-run vehicles alongside to lower fuel economy ratings of as many as 98,000 vehicles between 2013-2017 models of Audi A8, Bentley Continental GT, Porsche Cayenne alongside VW Touareg.

Followed by EPA’s (Environment Protection Agency) call to lower its fuel economy alongside greenhouse gas emission rating, the German carmaker had been quoted saying on last Friday (August 30th) that the top-selling passenger carmaker in 2018 excluding pickup vans and trucks, VW, had agreed to a $96.5 million court settlement in order to compensate roughly 98,000 consumers, while the VW consumers, who still owned those vehicles would be eligible to receive a lump-sum between $518.40-$2,332.80 per vehicle.

The VW settlement came forth after 15 months of tentative negotiations, as the Frankfurt-based Volkswagen AG, the first automaker to acknowledge usage of emission cheating software, had been using a toolkit in a manner that could display a higher mileage and lower greenhouse gas emission during the EPA tests, nonetheless, not under a normal driving condition.