Google under microscope by 30 US states on new antitrust probes

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Google under microscope by 30 US states on new antitrust probes

More than 30 Attorney Generals of the United States had been preparing a probe on Alphabet-owned Google LLC over potential breach of anti-trust regulation across the United States, a source directly briefed over the subject-matter had revealed on Tuesday, the 3rd of September 2019.

Aside from that, the source had also added on condition of anonymity as the source was not authorized to speak about the issue on public that the Attorney General of Texas would be leading the pact of 30 Attorney Generals, while an announcement of the investigation could be brought into light as early as by next Monday (September 9th).

Meanwhile, adding that the company had been cooperating with the state officials, Google representative, Jose Castaneda said in response later on Tuesday (Sept. 3rd), “We continue to work constructively with regulators, including attorneys general, in answering questions about our business and the dynamic technology sector.

” Nonetheless, the potential investigation on Google LLC., which could result in a higher civil penalty than Facebook Inc. had faced last month, would be focusing on clauses of privacy and anti-trust, which had been allowing Google so far to haggle with the user data, the source said on Tuesday (Sept. 3rd) without disclosing further detail.