Luxury retailer Vuitton to hire more handbag makers as China sales boom

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Luxury retailer Vuitton to hire more handbag makers as China sales boom

French fashion company, Louis Vuitton Malletier, shortly dubbed as Louis Vuitton or LV, founded back in the 1854 by one Louis Vuitton, headquartered in Paris, had issued a public statement on Friday, the 5th of September 2019 saying that the French multinational fashion brand had been looking to hire another 1,500 manufacturing staff in Paris by 2022, as the high-end handbag maker was seeking to expand production in a bid to meet a soaring demand in the world’s largest consumer goods’ market, China.

Besides, Paris-based Louis Vuitton Malletier had been employing more than 4,300 full-time employees for the moment being to manufacture the bulk of its canvas handbags alongside trademark leather, the largest revenue driver for the luxury retail company.

Nonetheless, according to Vuitton’s Thursday’s (Sept. 5th) statement, Vuitton had been exploring an option to set out two more handbag factories and to employ an additional 1,500 employees over next two to three years to meet a rising demands of its luxury handbags in China.

Apart from that, while the French fashion retailer had also added in its Thursday’s (September 6th) statement that the company was mulling an option to add a manufacturing site next to its newly opened manufacturing hub lying outside the village of Beaulieu-Sur-Layon in Western France, Vuitton Chief Executive, Michael Burke said to the reporters at the company’s Beaulieu workshop, “Demand in China is exceptionally high.

,” Nonetheless, while being asked whether the luxury fashion retailer had any plan to relocate manufacturing hubs in China, Burke said “Why change a model that’s working beautifully? It’s a strategy that’s based on what our clients are looking for,” adding that most of the Asian customers did not like luxury products made in Asia.