Japan’s Nissan mulls pulling out of S. Korea as trade tension jitters

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Japan’s Nissan mulls pulling out of S. Korea as trade tension jitters

In the wake of a withering trade relationship between the noisy neighbours beside the South Pacific trade tringle, Japanese carmaker, Nissan Motor Co., had been exploring an option to pull out of South Korea, as more and more merchants alongside chain store operators selling Japanese products ranging from child’s plaything to high-end autos had been halting sales of Japanese products following further escalation of trade dispute between Seoul and Tokyo, a Financial Times report published on Friday (September 6th) had unveiled citing sources familiar with the subject-matter.

In point of fact, the trade dispute between the noisy neighbours with a terrible history of wears and tears and wartime abuses of human workforces, went rogue a couple of months back, when Tokyo accused Seoul of inappropriate handling of its high-end tech instruments after a shipment bound for South Korea had accidentally ended up on the shores of North Korea.

Thereafter, Japan had inclined a sanction on critical tech equipment exports to South Korea which had every potentiality to disrupt global supply chains of smartphone industry including the world’s first- and second-largest smartphone vendors, Samsung and Huawei respectively, alongside China’s Xiaomi and United States’ Apple Inc.

More critically, according to Financial Times’ Friday’s (Sept. 6th) report, apart from halting its involvement in South Korea, Japanese carmaker Nissan had also been contemplating to distance itself from an assembly plant in Busan, owned by Renault and Samsung Motors Co., a joint venture between Nissan’s French alliance partner Renault SA alongside South Korea’s tech conglomerate Samsung Electronics.