Volkswagen, BMW and Ford caught into a fight between Trump & California

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Volkswagen, BMW and Ford caught into a fight between Trump & California

On Friday, the 6th of September 2019, the US Justice Department had filed a preliminary anti-trust case against four automakers such as Germany’s Volkswagen and BMW, United States’ Ford Motor Co. alongside Japanese Honda, accusing the carmakers of inking an agreement with the US state of California over fuel consumption limit.

In point of fact, California has special environmental legislations for fuel consumption limit, which were installed years before an establishment of nationwide laws imposed by former US President Barack Obama, nonetheless, Trump had long been yearning to relax the regulatory hurdles for fuel emission standards.

Besides, on July, the four car manufacturers had agreed to a California law on fuel consumption limits lying between the limits of Obama requirement alongside Trump’s concept, however, as a lawsuit was filed against the four carmaker to reach an accord with CA, Trump’s Justice Department had cleared its stance on nationwide limit on fuel consumption and contemplated the California agreement as an unlawful formation of a cartel, at least four sources directly briefed over the subject-matter unveiled on Friday (September 6th).

Meanwhile, while being asked about their stance on Trump Administration’s dispute over California fuel consumption limit, VW, Ford alongside Honda had cleared their stance saying that they had working should-to-should with the US Ministry of Justice to resolve the issue, while the German luxury carmaker BMW declined to comment over the subject-matter.