Albertsons joins retail rivals Walmart, Kroger to change gun policy

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Albertsons joins retail rivals Walmart, Kroger to change gun policy

Albertsons, the privately held US-based grocery store chain operator, founded and headquartered in Boise, Idaho, with presence at 2,268 locations in 34 US states as of Q1, 2019, said on Saturday, the 7th of September 2019, that, the company would ask its customers not to carry firearms openly at its stores, remarking the latest US hypermarket chain operator which was forced to change its gun policy in context of multiple en masse shooting in Ohio and Texas.

Adding that the move was made in a bid to make its stores safer and comfortable for its customers, Albertsons said in a tweet on Saturday (Sept. 7th), “We want our stores to feel safe & welcoming for all, so we respectfully ask customers to not openly carry firearms in our stores unless they are authorized law enforcement officers.

” In point of fact, Albertsons’ decision was brought into light a couple of days after its larger brick-and-mortar rival, Walmart Inc. had issued a statement saying that the No. 1 US retailer would stop selling ammunitions for assault-style rifles and shot guns.

Meanwhile, another big-league hypermarket chain operator, Kroger Co., the largest supermarket chain provider in terms of revenue in the United States, based on Cincinnati, Ohio, had also changed its gun policy forbidding customers to carry firearms openly at its stores.