Boeing cancels 777X aircraft review, as it fails to pass final stress test

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Boeing cancels 777X aircraft review, as it fails to pass final stress test

On Saturday, the 7th of September, the world’s No. 1 low-cost aircraft carrier maker, Boing Co., headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, which had yet to deliver a single aircraft following a March 10th deadly crash of one of its best-selling 737 Max of Ethiopian airliners, announced that the American aviation industry titan had abandoned load testing for its new widebody 777X aircraft as media reports had revealed that one of its cargo doors failed to pass a final stress test.

Meanwhile, adding that the plane had encountered an issue during a ground stress test, Boeing spokesman, Paul Bergman said in a statement on Saturday (September 7th), “During final load testing on the 777X static test airplane, the team encountered an issue that required suspension of the test.

” Aside from that, a Seattle Times report published on Saturday (September 7th) had revealed that a cargo door of Boeing Co.’s new 777X widebody aircraft was exploded outwards at a high-pressure ground stress test, adding that the accident took place on a static test airplane designed specifically for ground testing, while industry analysts were quoted saying that the incident could further delay Boeing Co.’s 777X widebody programs, as already Boeing Co.

was forced to push 777X first flight into 2020 due to an engine problem which was slated to be outsourced from General Electric Co. Besides, the Seattle Times’ Saturday’s (Sept. 6th) report had also revealed that the ground test, which Boeing’s 777X had failed to pass, must be mastered to obtain an on-air certification by the Federal Aviation Administration.