Roku targets UK as its smart TV duel with Amazon goes international

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Roku targets UK as its smart TV duel with Amazon goes international

Over-the-top streaming service provider Roku Inc., Roku TV app of which runs in every one out of three smart televisions in the United States, has been eyeing UK market as the streaming service provider’s domestic competition with Inc.

goes international. On top of that, founder and Chief Executive of Roku TV, Anthony Wood, was quoting saying in an interview with a press agency on Friday (September 6th) that Roku TV would be made available in the United Kingdom by fourth quarter of the year, while Chinese manufacturer Hisense would be marketing televisions with Roku TV in the United Kingdom, adding that the over-the-top streaming company had further plans to reach beyond UK to follow other European markets.

In point of fact, Roku started off as a streaming software for services likes of Netflix, making its OS flexible for a wide-ranging internet-enabled TVs which had been finding it extremely difficult to keep their software fresh enough to stay in line with streaming service providers.

Thereafter, the company flew in to the United States’ market by 2017 and its shares rose more than ten times since then, while it had reached more than 30 million US households and licensed its OS with nearly a dozen of smart TV manufacturers.

More importantly, as of now Roku had been serving US market as an aggregator of more than 7,000 TV channels for internet-enabled smart televisions, meanwhile establishing itself as a potential competitor to another Silicon Valley giant, Inc.