Roskomnadzor says Google, Facebook distributed pollical ads on election day

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Roskomnadzor says Google, Facebook distributed pollical ads on election day

On Sunday, the 8th of September 2019, Roskomnadzor, the Russian Federal watchdog engaged in supervision of communications, Information Technology and mass media related issues, accused three of the top six internet service providers in the world of spurring political ads during regional elections in Russia, adding that the act could be contemplated as an intervention in the election process and could result in punitive measures.

Nonetheless, Sunday’s (Sept. 8th) claim of Russian federal watchdog for mass media, IT and communications came forth just a couple of days after Roskomnadzor had cautioned big-league internet service providers likes of Facebook Inc., Google LLC.

alongside its YouTube not to interfere in the regional elections with political advertisements, adding that presence of political ads at the pages of beforementioned internet service providers would be met with adequate reaction.

Aside from that, adding that roles of Google, Facebook and YouTube on election interference was unacceptable, the Russian technology and mass media watchdog said in a statement on Sunday (September 8th), “During the monitoring of mass media on a single voting day, the facts of distribution in the Google search engine, on the social network Facebook and on video hosting YouTube of political advertising were established.

These actions can be seen as interference in the sovereign affairs of Russia and obstructing the holding of democratic elections in the Russian Federation. Such actions on the part of foreign companies are unacceptable. ” Nonetheless, while being asked about the issue, neither Russian wing of Google nor Facebook Inc. commented over the subject-matter.