Apple to spark upgrade rush with new iPhones, tight pricing

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Apple to spark upgrade rush with new iPhones, tight pricing

The Cupertino-based iPhone maker, Apple Inc., had been exploring an option to sell as many as 200 million of its latest iPhones from existing user upgrades, while the CA-based iPhone manufacturer was expecting much of its demands to come from China despite an escalation of full-blown trade spat between Washington and Beijing, several Wall St.

analysts familiar with the issue had revealed on Monday, the 9th of September 2019. Meanwhile, the CA-based company had released three new iPhones on Tuesday (September 10th) featured with new camera functionality alongside a much-upgraded processor, while the new iPhone models would come in with a video streaming service as well aimed at taking on streaming media goliaths likes of Walt Disney and Netflix Inc.

Besides, followed by reveal of the news, multiple Wall St. analysts were quoted saying that Apple Inc., the largest taxpayer of the United States, had about 900 million active iPhones across the globe, while Apple Inc. was anticipating a spur of its demands due to a tight price-control policy despite additional levies on US exports in China.

Meanwhile, adding cautious optimism over Apple Inc.’s latest move to jack up an upgrade rush, analysts of Bank of America wrote in a client note, “These old phones would be candidates for upgrade and we continue to look at fiscal 2020 as a ‘Trade-in’ iPhone cycle versus 2021 which should be a 5G-driven cycle”.