US charges Chinese professor in latest blow to Huawei

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US charges Chinese professor in latest blow to Huawei

Amid a yearlong tug of war between United States and China’s tech conglomerate Huawei Technologies, which seemed to have become a collateral in Sino-US trade spat, US prosecutors had recently charged a Chinese professor with fraud for alleged theft of technology from an unnamed California company in a bid to assist Huawei Technologies, remarking Trump Administration’s latest blow to war-struck Chinese telecom gear manufacture.

In point of fact, latest legal blow to world’s No. 1 telecommunication equipment manufacturer, Huawei Technologies was brought into light about two months after US President Donald Trump and his administration had blacklisted Huawei in an attempt to cripple its supply chain meanwhile barring US suppliers to supply critical tech materials native to United States to Huawei Technologies, a move which had every potentiality to curb market share of Huawei networking devices and smartphones by disrupting its supply chains.

Nonetheless, in United States’ latest blow to Huawei Technology, a Chinese professor, Bo Mao was arrested in Texas roughly a month earlier and released after six days of detention for a $100,000 bond after the Chinese Professor was agreed to proceed with the case in New York, court documents revealed on Tuesday, the 10th September 2019.

Aside from that, court documents had also added that Bo Mao pleaded not guilty in the US district court of Brooklyn on August 28th against a US charge of conspiring to commit wire fraud. Besides, according to the criminal complaint, Mao, an associate professor at Xiamen University in China, became a Texas University visiting professor on last fall, was accused of allegedly conspiring with an unidentified Chinese telco conglomerate, likely Huawei Technologies, to steal a circuit board technology from CA-based tech company.